360 Turnkey Service


Our 360 Turnkey Service offers you the most complete service, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of everything by keeping you informed.

In addition, for your convenience, you should know that you can join us at the point that is most convenient or suitable for your interests. It may be, that you only need us to build for you or you may also need us to create a design and project for you. It may also be, that your occupations prevent you from dedicating the necessary time to manage and you prefer us to take care of it.

This is the range of fully customized turnkey services  that we can offer you:

Plot search

We work with a highly experienced and prestigious national and international real estate team, that has the largest database of properties and plots of land that you can imagine. Our collaborators will look for the plot you need in a record time. We will not only consider your opinions, but our technical team of architects will also advise you on this matter, so that your purchase is the one you want and you do not have any unwanted surprises. All this without any additional costs.

Project, Design and Execution

We can design and carry out the project of your house or building. After holding the necessary meetings with you to learn about your needs and interests, we will obtain the information, that will allow us to offer you the design of your project. Our technical team of architects and quantity surveyors will work their magic for you, offering you the proposal, that best suits your requirements. This proposal will be adapted within the marked budget.

Building licenses, municipal licenses

If needed, we help with everything concerning the building licenses. These steps are as essential  as they are tedious. Our experience has allowed us to know the appropriate procedures and the necessary contacts to carry out these tasks with maximum efficiency and promptness.  If you need it, we are at your disposal. Once again, all this without any additional costs.

Construction. The material execution of your project

Following the marked guidelines and once the relevant licenses have been obtained, we will begin the construction process. It will be documented so that, in the case that you cannot be physically present, due to living in another province or outside the country, you can have all the information available on time. Depending on the chosen construction system  and the volumen of the project to be executed, we can hand over the keys in less than 180 days.

Furniture, decoration and finishing details. Kitchen design

We work with different teams within the decoration, furniture and also the design and installation of kitchens, each with its own specialty. If needed and following your instructions we will propose you the company that best suits your requirements, we will accompany you and advise you on this. All this at no extra cost.

The exteriors, landscaping and gardening. Swimming pools

One more PREMIUM service that ECD provides to its clients. Just like indoors, we can advise you according to your tastes and needs in the same way we can do it outdoors.

We have a range of specialised collaborators who, according to your needs, tastes and budget, will be able to provide you with the best landscaping proposal and, of course, also for the design and construction of swimming pools. Like in the section of interiors,  we will advise you on this and as you can imagine, again all this without additional costs.

Turnkey 360 service, you will not find a personalized attention like this.


Our range of services covers almost all the related needs you may have.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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