ADVANTAGES sustainable construction

Advantages of sustainable construction
on traditional construction

Advantages of
sustainable construction
on traditional construction

Much is being said about this topic, the advantages that sustainable construction offers over traditional construction. It is logical, more and more people are interested when not aware of these concepts. It is logical and good for everyone.

In these last times we have learned some important things, we have given value to certain details to which we did not pay the same attention before. The fragility of our health,  the importance of the personal relationships in our lives, and of course, the importance of having a home suitable for our needs, present and future.

A certain debate has been promoted among the benefits or advantages that sustainable and ecological construction presents over traditional construction, it is understood, as there is a lot at stake, but they must assume it. The traditionalists have the battle lost. There are many arguments, and I will now facilitate and develop the ones I consider most important.

Also, if you wish, we will open a debate. If any of you would like to express your opinion for or against, or believe that some weighty argument is missing, for or against, you can do so in the comments. It could be interesting.

With no delay, here we go:

1. Health come first

How important is health in our lives. Without health we have nothing. I consider it the most important aspect to deal with. I will add it to the comfort that this type of construction brings and that traditional construction either cannot or is extremely expensive to obtain.

Why is sustainable construction superior to traditional construction in terms of health for its inhabitants?

Easy. The materials used. We use biocompatible materials, materials such as wood, lime, cork, natural mortars and natural paints without petroleum derivatives, are some of the most outstanding examples.

Houses built with natural materials, with biocompatible materials not only create more comfortable environments but also the envelopes are a real skin, a skin that breathes and protects.

The stability and balance in the body in the absence of gases and the absorption of electromagnetic waves, insomnia and headaches, rheumatism and joint pain caused by humid environments with pronounced oscillations…

Have you ever woken up in the morning with your body as if you’d never had any rest? It is related to the air you breathe during the night, the accumulation of CO2 in a not very breathable environment. This won’t happen to you in a house like ours.

You can feel it. Make an appointment and we’ll take you to experience the sensation.

For you and your family, health comes first

2. Speed of execution

The speed of execution of sustainable and ecological construction is much higher than that of traditional construction. Honestly, it has nothing to do with one another.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a modular construction system or an on-site construction system. The applied technology, the construction techniques and their physical and logical requirements, make it possible for us to build a single-family house of 150 to 180 square meters in less than 6 months, LESS THAN 180 DAYS, even to us it seems incredible. Nothing to do with traditional construction in which a work execution like the one mentioned can oscillate between 8 and 10 months, or more, with all that this entails in terms of costs, etc.

If you add the speed of execution to the versatility in design that this type of construction presents, you are left without excuses.

Visit our section on the Web «Construction Solutions» so you can get an idea.

3. Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency that sustainable construction can provide is far superior to that of brick and mortar. Once again we return to the building materials and techniques developed to optimise their performance.

The basic approach, «green building», promotes from the outset the idea of using the environment to our advantage. Designs are made exclusively for each project and client to facilitate comfort, cover their needs and enhance energy savings.

The type of material used, its characteristics, bioclimatic designs and topographical integration, the elimination of thermal bridges, double flow ventilation, among others, makes the reduction in consumption over traditional construction 80 to 90%.

How much do you consume in gas and/or electricity in your home per year? Well, calculate the savings.

If we add to this the protection to the Environment that we obtain with the decreases of consumption, we have, once again, an irrefutable argument.

We can certify our constructions with the main standards of certification like Breeam and Passivhaus. You can find out more in the section of our website created for this purpose.

Would you like to have a Sustainable and Ecological House but have doubts?
Leave us your name and email, we will contact you.
We will help you

Would you like to have a Sustainable and Ecological House
but have doubts?
Leave us your name and email, we will contact you.
We will help you

4. Protection of the Environment

If you are here, in our blog, if you are reading these articles it is because you are concerned about the protection of the environment, even if it is only a little, you have it in mind.

Two things, thanks and you better.

The need to take care of our planet, the Environment, is out of the question. What future do we want for our children? Seriously, let’s not get into it. As I was saying, if you’re here, among other things, it’s because you know you’re right, we’re right.

How does sustainable, green building protect the environment?

Once again we return to the basic materials used in the construction process. Natural materials such as wood, cork, lime, etc. The construction is «dry», because very little water is needed for the development of the construction. The energy efficiency already mentioned in the previous point, which minimizes to almost eliminate energy consumption thus avoiding pollution and the dreaded carbon footprint.

In addition we treat very seriously the origin of all materials we use, not only are low-impact materials and sustainable is that we also value the effects of their vital transformation, creation or manufacture, use, life and recycling.

The sustainable and ecological construction DOES take care and is concerned for the environment. Can brick and cement construction say the same without blushing?

5. Profitability

Profitability – It is difficult, almost impossible not to take this aspect into account. It might seem prickly, but it’s not. It just needs to be explained and argued minimally.

The staunch defenders of traditional construction promote the message that sustainable and ecological construction is more expensive. They are right, but staying there is extremely banal and simplistic, so much so that it is a mistake to make. The advantages of sustainable construction over traditional construction have, in relation to the economic aspect, decisive points to keep in mind.

I will explain.

The costs per square metre are higher, about 12 to 15%, we cannot deny that, but what about the following concepts?

  • Speed of execution. If under normal conditions we reduce the construction time by 20 or 30%, doesn’t that have an economic value? Depending on the case, yes it has. Much more than the 10 to 15% differences mentioned.
  • Energy efficiency. We are talking about reductions in consumption of 80 to 90%. How much economic value does this aspect have? Calculate it.
  • The quality of the materials. It’s superb, very high. The latest technology focused on safety and sustainability is applied. The structural materials, the casings, among others, form a whole that offers the highest quality.

I give you a simple example:

Did you know that in a fire the vast majority of victims die from gas inhalation? Structural construction with wood not only offers much greater resistance than concrete, but also because of its properties, wood carbonises in its outer layer, slowing down the progress and largely preventing the exhalation of poisonous gases.

  • Quality of life. The comfort and healthy space that our construction system offers is undoubtedly converted into quality of life, for you and your family. The construction with noble, natural and biocompatible materials offers a living environment without comparison. How much is that worth to you?

You can evaluate the concepts mentioned above.

To finish this section I will mention the interesting movements that we are seeing, financial operators such as banks promoting green loans and mortgages, electricity and gas supply companies advertising «green rates», the recently created Ministry of Ecological Transition, the subsidies supporting this type of project, the legislation that marks us from Europe…

Do you really think that all these movements are casual, occasional or circumstantial?

Imagine that you are determined to make a major investment, you are going to build a house. You have the two options mentioned, the ecological and sustainable one and the traditional one. Imagine now, in a few years’ time, for whatever reason you want to sell your home. What system do you consider that in the medium and long term will have a higher revaluation or a loss of investment?

It is unquestionable. Sustainable and ecological construction is here to stay.

I have tried to simplify the question as much as possible. I think there is no need to get too technical, as that is not the profile of the public at which this article is aimed.

You had asked us the advantages of sustainable construction over traditional construction, you had asked us for answers. These are the most obvious, I hope they serve to clarify your possible doubts and bring your positions closer together.

In any case, we remain at your disposal.

Gaudi García
Eco Construction Design

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If you are here is becouse you are interested on Sustanaible and Ecological Construction
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Latest trends

If you are here is becouse you are interested on Sustanaible and Ecological Construction
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