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Sustainable and
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We have several information dossiers about our Sustainable and Ecological Building system so that you can get an idea of the qualities, prices and characteristics of the types of awesome construction that we can make for you.

They are dossiers based on certain types of works with specific qualities and techniques, so they cannot be binding, but they can help you to have an idea and orientation of what YOUR PROJECT might be.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us set out your idea or doubt. We will be happy to help you.

Sustainable and Ecological Building

CLT Buildings

Construction with CLT is being recommended for large houses, which present large overhangs and more exclusive designs, as well as for large buildings.

Villas and Chalets, common buildings, multi-storey buildings, (+ 3), etc.

Sustainable and Ecological Building

EL & MODULAR Buildings

Recommended for constructions of up to two floors and with priority in execution costs.

Villas and Chalets, Common Buildings, (Up to 2 floors)


Through this form you can request the different informational dossiers and Building specifications relatingtomaterial quality.

We just need your name and email, if you wish you can also leave us a comment. Our team will contact you to clarify your doubts.

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